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Just like going on holiday

In this video, Tom explains the connection between planning a holiday and the SiD Method to make it crystal clear.
Let me explain how to sit method works. We often use the analogy of going on. So how does that compare to taking a trip now? For example, let’s say you would like to go on a holiday. First of all, you have to think about what you would like to get out of your holiday. For example, you like to go to a place where the weather is great. The food is lovely and people are nice now that can very much be the equivalent of setting a goal so nice weather nice. Old nice people. The next thing that you should do in system mapping is figure out where are those places? Where are the places where the weather is nice.
The food is great and the people are friendly so you look at a map which in the case of system mapping you don’t have so you create one yourself, but still quite the same as looking at the world map and figuring out where are the areas where I think that those conditions are true. Then after you’ve set those positions you can wonder about okay step back and hmm. Well when you think about this place, what do you think about that one? What do you think about that one? And in fact, where am I on this map? So what Journey do I need to take in order to arrive at any of those places?
So that is very much analogous to the system understanding faces stepping back and wondering okay. Where is it that we would go and what would the journey Like then the fourth step would be actually planning your trip where okay, you want to go to this one. Then I’m going to you know have to get my bicycle and I have to go over there and have to cross this bridge and through those mountains in order to arrive where I want to be that is very much analogous to system solution and roadmap and number five is again stepping back and evaluating Hmm. This is what my journey looks like.
Is this actually what I wanted to do or is that Journey may be a bit. Owing and cycling over the Andes maybe a little bit much for a little holiday break. So maybe I need to find something else that aligns with my goal. But that may also be more achievable and that means that maybe we have to adjust our goal little bit to say okay want to go to place that is wonderful weather great people and great food, but also where I can cycle within one day for example, and that’s when the journey starts again and the cycle of planning your holiday basically start over with the new condition finding a place where you would like to go and that’s exactly what happens in the Sid method as well.
You cycle through it over and over you constantly adjust all aspects of that search until you find a place and you found a journey that you would like to go.

Now that we introduce the travel metaphor to make the SiD Cycle understandable, In this video, Tom explains the connection between planning a holiday and the SiD Method to make it crystal clear.

After that, it is time to go in-depth into each of the steps.

Shall we?

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