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The world’s favourite brands

World's favourite brands
Hello my name is Oli. My favourite brand is Nintendo because of many nice child hood memories. Nintendo has always been nostalgic to me and it will always be. hello, my name is Oliver. I’m from Amsterdam. My favourite brand is Adidas. I love sports, and with Adidas, I always find the right gear, whether it’s for boxing , running or anything else. And it looks great, too! Hello, my name is Hiromi. I’m from Tokyo. My favourite brand is UNIQLO because I can go clothing shopping with my mum, dad and nan all together! Creating the opportunity for family to spend time together is such a lovely offer. Hello. My name is Andre. I’m a social entrepreneur based in the UK.
My favourite brand is Hotel Chocolat. It’s an innovative chocolate company. It sells chocolate and also has its own cocoa farms based out in Santa Lucia. And it’s always doing innovative things with chocolate. Hi, good afternoon. My name is Albert Coromina, I want to talk about the brand “Camper” that I especially like, for their innovation in design and materials. And also for their local approach to working. Hello, I’m Reiane Dal Bello, and my favourite brand is Melissa that’s what I am wearing right now I have been wearing since I was young so it is a childhood memory and I am now 34. I am old but I still continue to buy Melissa, I love it. My favourite brand is Post-it.
I love them and use them at work and at home. They are very helpful objects, fun and very simple and that’s why I like them. Hi my name is Alexandra. I’m from Copenhagen, Denmark. My favourite brand is Patagonia, because they represent an active lifestyle… with consideration for the planet.

From London to Tokyo to Rio, you’ll see people from all over the world talk about the brands they love.

Think about the range of brands they choose. Are there any surprises? What other brands would you suggest? And think about the reasons people give: some very functional, others about emotion or even nostalgia. What do you think is the common link between the brands people love?

Use the comments to discuss your responses to the ideas we see here, do you agree? If not, why?

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The Secret Power of Brands

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