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How Orange manages its brand

How Orange manages its brand
My team are responsible for the look and feel of the brand. That means we are guardians of all of the brand identity assets. That’s logo, typeface, colour palette, visual style, photography. Within our wider team, we also liaise closely with all of our country teams. In terms of managing the brand on a day-to-day basis, we have a number of tools that help us do that. At the heart of that, really, is a global brand site, which is an online tool where we keep all of our tools and assets that people can download to manage the brand locally.
We have brand induction, which we use to train people on what the brand is about and how important it is in that day-to-day activity, and not just for the brand team, but for everyone, and how important it is, no matter which area of the business you’re in, to bear the brand in mind and put it at the heart of everything that we do. Brands change over time. And, of course, the way that we manage our brand needs to change, too, to adapt to that. I think that, traditionally, a lot of brands have worked on a model of strict, rulebook-based management. And that’s about having guidelines and making sure everyone religiously sticks to that. That has a place.
I think it always will have a place. But I think the future of brand management, it’s going to be a lot more about working with teams, having those conversations to make sure that it’s not just the brand team who are responsible for it, but that everyone has an understanding of the important role that they can play in nurturing the brand and making sure that it continues to be successful.

Watch Jason Panudy, who’s head of creative and brand identity at Orange, describe his fast-changing job. Think about how far the old model of policing a brand can shift into a new model of stimulating creativity.

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