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This article lists authoritative texts about the French Revolution, events leading up to Waterloo, and biographies of Wellington and Napoleon.
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If you would like to take your interest in this week’s topics further, the books listed below are recommended reading. For some of them, you will probably need access to a good library — but you will be able to find many of the titles commercially online, and second-hand copies are often available at very reasonable prices.

The French Revolution

The armies of Europe and the war against France and Napoleon



The Congress of Vienna

  • Nicholson, H., The Congress of Vienna. A study in allied unity: 1812–1822 (London, 1946 and reprints)

  • Schroeder, P.W., The transformation of European politics 1763–1848 (Oxford, 1994)

  • Vick, B.E., The Congress of Vienna: power and politics after Napoleon (Cambridge, MA: 2014)

The prelude to Waterloo

Wellington’s Dispatches

The three principal editions of Wellington’s papers up to 1818 are:

  • Gurwood, J., ed., The dispatches of Field Marshal the Duke of Wellington, KG, during the various campaigns … from 1799 to 1818 (13 vols., new edition, London, 1837–9)

  • Wellesley, A.R., second Duke of Wellington, Supplementary despatches and memoranda of Field Marshal Arthur Duke of Wellington, KG (15 vols., London, 1858–72)

  • Wellesley, A.R., second Duke of Wellington, Despatches, correspondence and memoranda of Field Marshal Arthur Duke of Wellington … from 1818 to 1832 (8 vols., London, 1867–80)

These editions are freely available on the Internet Archive. There is now an abridged, one volume edition:

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Wellington and the Battle of Waterloo

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