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Different kinds of anxiety

In this video youngsters tell about the things they are afraid of.
TINEKE OLDEHINKEL: There are many different kinds of anxiety.
SPEAKER 2: I am terrified of spiders. I wouldn’t enter rooms where there may be spiders.
SPEAKER 3: I feel anxious and tense almost all the time. I worry a lot about things that could go wrong.
SPEAKER 4: I get so stressed when I’m not with my parents. I can’t go on school trips or sleep over at my friend’s house. . Sometimes Sometimes, when I have to do an exam, I get so worried that I’m going to mess up that I black out completely and forget what I have to do.
SPEAKER 6: Two times I had a panic attack or a feeling of intense fear with my heart pounding when I was in a crowd. Now, I wouldn’t dare go back to a crowd again for fear of experiencing another one.
SPEAKER 7: I’m afraid something bad happens if I do not count to 50 before entering a room. So now every time I enter a room, I have to count to 50.
TINEKE OLDEHINKEL: As you just heard, there are many ways to be anxious. In this module, we will take a closer look at three kinds of anxiety, phobias, fear of failure, and OCD, or compulsions.

You can be anxious in different ways. In this video young people share their fears.

Do you recognise one of your own fears?

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Young People and Mental Health

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