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When do you have a phobia?

In this video Tineke Oldehinkel explains when you can speak of a phobia.
TINEKE OLDEHINKEL: Not every fear is a phobia. If you have a phobia, your fear is much bigger than is logical given the danger of the situation. When people with a phobia are faced with the thing they are afraid of, they can be so anxious that they start trembling or sweating, get dizzy or nauseous, or even get a panic attack. That is a terrible feeling, and that is why they will try to prevent it from happening again. People with a phobia often go to great lengths to avoid the situation they are afraid of, even if it causes a lot of trouble or they have to give up a lot for that.
The former football player Dennis Bergkamp was so afraid of flying that he decided never to fly again at a certain point in time. Because he did not want to fly anymore, he often had to travel for very long times and missed important international matches. Sometimes people with a phobia not only avoid the thing, the animal, or the situation they are afraid of itself, but also a movie, picture, or even the thought of it.

You have just read about what kind of phobias you could suffer from. In this video, Tineke Oldehinkel explains when you can really say that you have a phobia. For instance, do you already have a phobia if you get a bit queasy in your stomach when you think something is exciting?

Please share if you have a certain phobia, and if so which one?

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