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How common is ADHD?

In this video Catharina Hartman tells how often ADHD occurs and what the distribution between boys and girls is.
CATHARINA HARTMAN: How common is ADHD actually? About 5% of all children are diagnosed with ADHD. That’s about one or two people in every class. ADHD is more common in boys than girls. About three times as many boys than girls have ADHD. Most people with ADHD are diagnosed in primary school. From adolescence on, symptoms tend to get milder. And for some people, the symptoms completely disappear. In the end, about half of the people diagnosed with ADHD in childhood do much better later in life. But this is not so for the other half. They remain impaired throughout their life due to the symptoms of ADHD.

In this video Catherina Hartman tells us how often ADHD occurs and how many girls and boys have it.

The idea that everybody thinks that they have ADHD will be a recurring story on internet or what people say at parties. Scientific research has shown, however, that the number of people with ADHD has stayed the same all these years.

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