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How to identify trends in the wellness industry

This article talks about the different types of trends that are dictating and directing the wellness industry. Let’s explore.

Let’s start off by exploring where and how you can identify trends.

How can you spot trends?

1. Read industry research and trend reports

One of the easiest and quickest things you can do is read industry research and trend reports.

Compiled and curated by industry experts and leaders, these types of resources do the bulk of the work for you. Not only do they take away the guesswork, but they inspire new ways of thinking and practical insights.

You can find wellness industry reports at Welltodo, Global Wellness Institute, The Future Lab, Stylus, Mintel, Mindbody Online, Soil Association, WGSN, PSFK and many more.

2. Read industry publications

Not all industry reports and research are freely accessible, but industry publications still provide just as much valuable information –– even if it’s on a smaller scale –– and most of it is free of charge.

For up-to-date insights on industry news and developments, it’s worthwhile bookmarking a few websites as your go-to resources. Plot out some time to read them on a day-to-day or weekly basis, or subscribe to their newsletters so you don’t forget.

They will more than likely reference insights and data from the latest reports and research.

Check out: Welltodo, Well+Good, Mindbodygreen, Fast Company, Forbes, Glossy, TechCrunch, Livekindly, Health Club Management and so many more.

3. Follow industry leaders and influencers

Another free and easy way to identify trends and insights is by following industry leaders and influencers.

By surrounding yourself with thought leaders and those with their fingers on the pulse of the industry, you’ll start to pick up on cues and insights without even looking for them.

Look at who you’re following on social media and start to diversify your circle. The more intelligent thoughts and opinions you can soak up, the more informed you’ll start to become.

4. Keep an eye on brands in the industry

It’s also important to keep track of what both established and new wellness brands are doing, so start following a handful of them too.

How are they innovating? What are they investing in or focusing on? How are they communicating with their customers and what are they talking about?

Scope out their websites and check their social feeds and, if you start to spot similarities across wellness categories or multiple brands, think about what that’s telling you.

5. Listen to consumers

And finally, don’t forget about consumers. If you have your own customers, ask questions, analyse data and continue to learn about their behaviour and values.

Don’t have your own customers? What are consumers saying and doing online? What about the people you know in real life –– what are they spending their money on, what do they identify with?

If you’d like to learn more about a future in the wellness industry, check out the online course from Welltodo, below.

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