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Wellness Career Options

Discover career options in the wellness industry.

In this article, you will learn more about career transition into wellness.

It may not be quite as straightforward as dropping everything and launching a new business. In fact, this is quite unrealistic for many people when you consider that there are financial implications, skills to learn, and time required to make things happen. For this reason, we want to briefly touch on some of the career scenarios that might help you to see the feasibility of shifting your career.

Firstly, there is no set timeline for making your move into wellness.

When it comes to building a career as an expert or practitioner in wellness, there are many different types of expertise that vary in time and commitment. For example, some therapies can be learnt in a matter of weeks, or over a weekend of training… whilst others require an intensive, university-level degree. This means that regardless of your capacity, you can still find a path that works for you.

Equally, becoming an expert or practitioner can be terrifying to someone who isn’t sure they want to run a business (which involves marketing yourself, selling your service, and managing other administrative aspects), which is why we also talk about the opportunities that exist to work as an expert or practitioner within an existing business. You can get to decide how this career path might play out for you – with varying levels of input and responsibility.

When it comes to launching and growing a business in wellness, there are many examples of founders who take many years to get their business idea off the ground, and do this alongside an existing full-time job. Others go all-in, raising money and building a team from the start, which is one way of fast-tracking this process. You might also consider working for an existing start-up to give you an insider look at what it takes to be an entrepreneur, and then decide if this path is right for you. As you can see, there are many different scenarios and the right one is the one that works best for you.

Finally, when it comes to finding a job in the wellness industry, if this is the path you take, there are also a myriad of options. You’ll learn that sometimes finding a job in wellness means simply transferring the existing skills you have into a wellness-focused organisation – for example, moving from a marketing job in the construction industry to a marketing job in a nutrition-focused business. The other way of approaching the job search is to think of it as a complete career change where you might need to upskill. An example of this might be moving from that marketing job in the construction industry, to an operations role in a boutique fitness studio.

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