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Case study: Samsung’s #NoteMyDay Campaign

After launching their Galaxy Note Four, Samsung asked us to dramatise its sense of purpose, revolutionising the everyday, by creating authentic stories aimed at their Gen Y audience. Luckily, millennials display their dismay a lot on social channels these days, but hardly anyone offers to make them better. And so NoteMyDay born.
To help us out. We recruited two social media stars, Rudy Mancuso and Sean, Shonduras McBride. Walk into club like, what up? We set them up with an HQ in New York and a bespoke version of Twitter, which searched geotag tweets from people most in need of our help. It looks like we’re going to want to go Central Park North. Let’s do it. From busting out a stressful day on the boxers punch bag, forgetting the freezing weather with a game of Brazilian beach volleyball, to releasing a fireman from underground duties to take a skyhigh selfie over Central Park. All in real time, all real people, all really making a difference.
We opened up our NoteMyDay efforts to the world, aiming to improve at least six days each day for three days straight. Sean and Rudys vine’s Instagram’s and Snapchats accompanied tweeted responses, offering thoughtful gifts to turn their days around. In nine days, we created 65 pieces of content. Our YouTube films topped 5.2 million views, and Vine loops are 22 million and rising, while the hashtag NoteMyDay trended in six countries during our frantic finale. But most importantly, 21 days were made better with unexpected, but timely responses. That’s how we revolutionised the everyday. NoteMyDay.

The Korean mobile giant’s #NoteMyDay campaign, a winner of the Bronze award for Best Use of Social Media in the 2015 DMA Awards, gave their customers some excellent service through the use of social listening.

The agency team at Harte Hanks built a custom tool that found users on Twitter having bad days. This software looked for keywords and phrases that someone would tweet when having a day of adversities and misfortune.

The team behind the initiative then selected certain users to be the recipient of exclusive content, prizes and unique experiences, turning that person’s day around.

By tapping into the authentic thoughts and feelings of its target audience, Samsung was able to step into their lives with grand gestures and an overall message of positivity. The results gained from this were dramatic, earning the brand 225k engagements with the hashtag, trending in 6 countries.

This was strictly a marketing campaign, rather than an actual customer service function. But it does demonstrate how making your customers feel cared for through social media can make a big difference to them and you.

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