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Avant garde fashion and its political role

Caroline Evans is professor of history and fashion theory at the Central Saint Martins School in London and published Fashion at the edge in 2003. She proposes a reflection on …

The Chanel style

How to define the “Chanel style”? Bruno Pavlovsky, Chanel Fashion President, discusses fashion creation at Chanel. Warning: the video was shot before K. Lagerfeld’s death on February 19, 2019.

Where does modernity come from? Fashion!

Where does the modernity come from? How does fashion relate to modernity? In this video, Benjamin Simmenauer talks about the Baudelaireian definition of modernity.

Definitions: the three meanings of ‘fashion’

How to define fashion? For Benjamin Simmenauer, the notion of “fashion” has three distinct meanings : the industry of personal appearance and clothing, the average taste of the moment in …

Consumption as a social marker

After focusing on the fashion industry in its productive aspect, let us now look at how consumption operates as a social determinant. An American anthropologist, particularly known for Stone Age …

How to create and develop a collection?

How to create and develop a collection Patricia Romatet, Professor of Collection Management Process and Director of the IFM Labels Program, shares her advices.

Fashion business models

Fashion business models Franck Delpal, Professor of Fashion & Luxury Economy at Institut Français de la Mode, analyses the logics at work in the fashion industry today.

The particularities of the “fashion code”

Former student of H. Blumer and Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the University of San Diego, Fred Davis published Fashion, Culture, and Identity in 1992. This book allows him to …

Is fashion a language ?

Canadian anthropologist, particularly famous for his books Culture and Consumption published in 1988, and Culture and Consumption II in 2005, Grant McCracken expands at length on the relationship between language …