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BoxPlay is democratizing career success by making learning a new habit through creating the most compelling, relevant, and engaging streaming educational content to help with employability and career success. Our products combine education and entertainment. We create immersive, bingeable experiences with characters, narratives, and moving visuals. We put communication intelligence (or CQ) at the center of it all. Whether life has held you back or pushed you forward our learning experiences help you discover something transformative.

BoxPlay provides real-world and professional skills to advance your career, business, or personal enrichment. We’re here for everyone’s journey.

BoxPlay is addressing the skills in the missing middle - the bridge between human and machine

Paul Daugherty Group Chief Executive - Accenture Technology & Chief Technology Officer

Did you know?

  • BoxPlay’s course completion rate is > 85%, much higher than traditional training content
  • Learners retain 20% more information when they consume BoxPlay’s content compared to traditional training content
  • Subsequent meetings held by BoxPlay learners are 60% shorter
  • Onboarding using BoxPlay content is 60% shorter

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