Learning Lounge

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Learning Lounge (LL) is Australia’s leading online course publisher. With over 100,000+ hours of highly produced, engaging, industry-led content across 20+ industries.

Learning Lounge believes fervently in the value of online learning: it is fundamental to their vision and always will be. They are constantly investing in improving a learner’s experience by creating engaging, interactive content.

Their extensive programs combine quality education, real industry know-how, and technology, making online learning enjoyable.

Learning Lounge has established partnerships with several global brands and leading universities, including the University of QLD’s, UQ Skills.

Learning Lounge has an abundance of motivational and educational, on-demand content such as blogs, celebrity podcasts, vodcasts and webinars.

The Learning Lounge library can be structured to create hundreds of unique courses from 30 minutes to over 350 plus hours. They are a global content provider on a mission to change online education!