Jesrine Clarke-Darrington

Jesrine Clarke-Darrington

I work as a Learning Technologist within the School of Nursing and Midwifery at the University of Sheffield.

Location Sheffield


  • I think you're right, the tips in the video would be very useful advice for young people, particularly because many often have their attention on their phone rather than their surroundings

  • I think you make a good point about sustaining conversations and how this could be challenging.

  • Your comparison between grief and the loss of a relationship is really interesting but makes total sense.

  • What do you think may help victims in your community overcome this stigma and fear?

  • @SherryNRN(non-practicing) Really? That's a great tip to know. And very interesting but worrying statistics.

  • Do you find that you are still living up these traditional standards now, or has your life deviated from this where housework, cooking, 'breadwinning' etc is a shared responsibility?

  • I think it is great for children to see that housework can be a shared responsibility and not just a role that mum undertakes.

  • Interesting point, but I imagine that the investment will vary vastly.

  • @DebLinsky These are great examples! Do you think that social media has compounded this problem?

  • I found that an interesting point too!

  • @BrittaBeneke It is sad that some men don't feel like they can express their emotions, which can be misconstrued as a sign of weakness, but I agree, being able to communicate your feelings can help to eliminate unnecessary tensions.

  • Hi Joan, this is really interesting, how do you think your colleagues would have reacted if this male temp had behaved in this way towards your female colleagues?

  • Absolutely and we will touch on other forms of abuse as the course progresses.

  • @Lynette(Lyn)Bushell Very good point Lynette! As a mother of teenagers I do feel that they believe they are invincible. We've all been young once, but this video shows excellent examples of ways to stay safe at night that as adults we can share with the younger generation.

  • I definitely think some subjects lend itself more to certain types of teaching approaches. Learning to do something technical might call for a more instructionist approach, learning step by step, where as learning about a political concept might lend itself more to collaborative or networked learning approach. I think variety is the key to finding approaches...

  • I think as humans the need to learn with always be there. Google gives us access to so much information that I think our learning is enhanced if anything! The danger is knowing what information is credible and what isn't, which could muddy the waters of what we are learning.

  • As a Learning Technologist I am often encouraging teaching staff to make use of digital technology which they see as something they have to use or do in addition to their standard or existing teaching practices. For me blended learning is doing exactly that, blurring lines between teaching and digital technology. In the future I'd like to see blended...

  • Hi I'm Jesrine, Learning Technologist from the University of Sheffield. I'm here to pick up any tips and ideas on ways I can support academic in my department implement blended learning strategies. Looking forward to seeing some good examples of best practice.