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Management Theory

Build your own unique approach to project management and explore the principles and practice of organisational success.

This program is part of the MSc Project Management degree offered by Anglia Ruskin University

Engage with contemporary theories to plan and develop your own personal approach to management.

Management is a personal undertaking and every individual manager will manage in their own way. On this program, you will determine what your approach to management is and how to follow it.

You will explore in-depth the function of your role as a manager, as well as the environments and situations you may work in and the processes and systems you may use.

You will look at the design and structure of organisations and learn how the culture of various organisations influences performance.

As you consider the concept of leadership, you’ll identify why people are more effective leaders than others. This will allow you to build and understand your own preferred approach to power and control.

You will also explore the ethics of strategic management and corporate social responsibility to learn how you can help your team commit to any changes you make.


5 courses

Delivered by expert academics

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Who will you learn with?

Learning outcomes

Knowledge and Understanding:

  • Demonstrate a critical understanding of the principles and practice of management and the management of organisations.
  • Recognise the factors that influence organisations and present strategic management proposals to manage these.
  • Evaluate and formulate appropriate leadership approaches to suit a variety of management situations.

Intellectual, Practical, Affective, and Transferable Skills:

  • Analyse and evaluate management and organisational problems and synthesise feasible solutions.

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