University of Leeds & Institute of Coding program

Thriving in the Digital Workplace

Learn how you can harness technology at work and build the digital skills and adaptability to create a career that’s future-proof.

  • Overview 3 courses
  • Duration 6 weeks
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Get ahead of changes in technology and the digital workplace

A career for life is no longer a given, but what are the foundations for a successful career in the digital workplace?

On this program, you’ll discover the key digital skills required to prepare yourself for the future of work. As well as exploring the different jobs that require tech know-how, you’ll learn how you can enhance the digital skills relevant to your work and interests.

You’ll also learn the value of building a professional network, identify the transferable skills you’ve already mastered, and discover the importance of resilience and adaptability for your future career.

Featured in the UK government’s The Skills Toolkit collection.


3 courses

Supported by Institute of Coding

This program has been developed with the support of the Institute of Coding, a network of employers, universities, training providers and professional bodies working together to create the skills needed for the digital economy.

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  • University of Leeds
  • Institute of Coding

Learning outcomes

This flexible program of online courses allows learners to explore and build the foundations for a successful career in the digital workplace. Completing all three courses in this program means you will be able to:

  • Identify the digital trends in the workplace
  • Explore skills and techniques for developing your career
  • Develop techniques to enhance wellbeing and resilience at work