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The DfE have selected these courses for The Skills Toolkit to help people to improve their digital skills.

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82% of job vacancies require digital skills, and roles requiring digital skills pay 29% more than those that don't.

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The Skills Toolkit is a new online learning platform launched by the UK government. It gives you access to free, high-quality digital courses to build your skills, progress in work, and boost your job prospects while staying at home.

The upheaval caused by the coronavirus pandemic – and the economic lockdowns it has prompted across the world – has left many people feeling insecure about their future employment.

With many people laid off in the wake of office closures, and many more furloughed indefinitely while we wait for the health crisis to subside, this is an unprecedented moment of transition in the jobs market.

Now could be the time to reflect on the skills you need to get ahead in the coming period. With 82% of job openings requiring digital skills, this is a brilliant area to focus on when learning online.

FutureLearn are delighted to be chosen as a provider by the Department for Education, to offer a free collection of courses designed to let you level-up your skillset while waiting for lockdown to end.

Learning is a lifelong journey, and now could be an ideal opportunity to retrain while you start to readjust to the new professional landscape.