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User Experience (UX) Design and Research

Advance your skills in user-centred UX design and start your journey towards a career in UX or UX research.

  • Overview 5 courses
  • Duration 29 weeks

Get UX training in integrating UX research and design to create great products

This program from the University of Michigan offers you the chance to gain a solid foundation in UX research and design, whether you’re just starting out in UX or you want to advance your existing UX knowledge.

Learn UX prototyping, try UX sketching, and evaluate design concepts

On this program, you’ll gain hands-on experience in key core areas of UX design, from understanding your user needs and implementing user-centred design to rapidly generating UX prototypes and iterating on design concepts.

You’ll learn how to take a product from the initial concept, through to the user research, ideation and refinement stage, before conducting formal analysis, UX prototyping, and user testing.

Under the guidance of experienced UX professionals from the University of Michigan, you’ll discover how to apply various UX perspectives and methods to ensure a great user experience at every step.

Apply UX design principles to a product in practice

This program concludes with a capstone project, where you’ll be able to apply all that you’ve learned about incorporating UX research and design principles to design a complete product.

You’ll be asked to take the product from an initial concept to an interactive prototype and will receive feedback and guidance so that you’re prepared to take on the challenge alone in the future.

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