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A weight management course explores the theories and strategies for managing weight. You’ll look at the effect of diet, lifestyle and exercise on weight and learn how to encourage sustainable weight management. Weight management courses are ideal for healthcare, fitness or weight management practitioners who support individuals struggling with weight management. They may also be of interest to anyone looking for techniques to manage their own weight.

A weight management practitioner supports those who want to manage their weight. After an initial consultation, they’ll create a program designed to the specific needs of each client. Their scope of work might include:

Psychology and counselling: Understanding client barriers to weight wellness and helping to overcome them. Nutrition & meal planning: Explaining the link between diet and weight gain and creating meal plans to manage weight healthily. Fitness & exercise: Developing an achievable exercise schedule for clients that contributes towards healthy weight management.

Obesity happens when the body takes in more calories than it burns off, causing the body to store this extra energy as fat. However, the causes of obesity are often far more complex and may include a combination of:

  • Overeating (i.e. large portions)
  • Large amounts of processed or fast food
  • A lack of exercise or a sedentary lifestyle (common for people who spend long periods at a desk)
  • Genetic or health conditions (e.g. an underactive thyroid)
  • Medications (e.g. steroids and antidepressants)

Explore all aspects of weight management & obesity

Our range of online weight management courses will give you the knowledge you need to understand obesity, its causes and how to tackle it. Delve into obesity trends and common patient barriers so you can promote healthy weight loss and weight well-being.

Gain valuable insights into the lived experiences of obese and overweight people to improve patient care in your organisation. Or, learn more about your relationship with food and exercise to better manage your own weight.

Learn about weight management from nutrition experts

Explore nutrition and weight management theories from world-leading nutrition experts. Backed up by science, our courses will help you apply insights into patient psychology and physiology to structured weight management programs that improve people’s lives.

Obtain obesity and weight management certifications

Progress your career in healthcare or social care with our online courses. With learning material and assignments online, you can fit your studies around work or personal commitments, boosting your CV with CPD accreditation.

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