STEM matters

It’s predicted that the number of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) jobs will grow by 13% over a ten-year period up to 2027. So it’s key for students to study STEM subjects if they want to be assured of job security beyond graduation.

Equally, as STEM teaching methods evolve and change, it’s vital for educators to stay on top of the latest techniques and theories designed to bring out the best in their students.

Education never stands still, and teachers need to be aware of the latest training to stand out in the jobs market, and to provide a compelling and stimulating curriculum for their pupils.

The joy of maths

Learning maths can underpin a student’s ability to pursue further study in modern sectors like technology, engineering, IT, and data science.

Even for those students not wanting to pursue a maths-linked career, the problem-solving and lateral-thinking skills studying maths gives you can be hugely beneficial in later life.

However, educators often teach using the same techniques they themselves encountered at school. In order to bring out students’ full potential, staying on top of the latest developments in maths teaching is key.

Maths teaching courses

That’s why FutureLearn has teamed up with world-class institutions to bring you free online maths teaching courses tailored to give you cutting-edge, expert training.

Partners like the National STEM Learning Centre, the Raspberry Pi Foundation, and Cambridge University Press are well-placed to provide you with the skills you need to get ahead in your mathematics teaching career.

You can learn the fundamentals of mathematics, getting to grips with its underlying structures – from percentages to proportions. You can examine how to apply Asian teaching methods – often considered the best in the world – to your own classroom. Or you can explore how maths and logic relate to the teaching of computer science.

Flexible learning

All of FutureLearn’s courses are 100% online, which means you can learn when and where works for you.

You’ll be learning from education experts, using videos, articles, practical examples, and social discussions to work on your training alongside an international community of fellow maths teachers.

Start training now

Whether you’re just starting out on a career as a maths teacher, want to improve your mathematics teaching skills, or are interested in the importance of STEM and how it can improve curriculums and students’ lives, FutureLearn has a course for you.

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