Prepare your science students for the STEM careers of tomorrow

Within ten years, it is expected that around 75 percent of jobs in the fastest growing industries will require science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills. Teaching science and STEM is therefore vital for making sure students have the skills and knowledge they’ll need for their future career.

Science teachers have more reason than ever before to help children foster a love of science from early on in their education. Appealing to a child’s natural curiosity and love to experiment is a great way to inspire young people to get involved with science, whether it’s for play or study.

Engaging young people in science will help them to build vital skills not only for their careers but for their day-to-day interactions too. Science helps encourage the application of key life skills by improving people’s ability to problem-solve, ask questions, think critically, communicate their ideas, and do research. Learning science can also help children to develop resilience and patience as they wait for experiments to work and try again when things don’t go to plan.

Science is endlessly relevant to our lives and we can see it around us and use it all the time. Teaching science skills to children will boost their creativity, help them innovate and better understand the world around them.

Improve your science teaching techniques

Our online science teaching courses are designed to help you hone your science and teaching skills, and learn the latest classroom techniques and curriculum tips to climb the career ladder and move up in your profession.

You’ll explore new teaching methods and strategies and learn innovative ways to get your students practically involved with science in the classroom. Our online courses will also help you to adapt your curriculum to better link towards future careers in STEM, design, computing and maths.

Inspire through STEM

All of our courses are developed with specialist science institutions and organisations, from Science & Plants for Schools (SAPS) to the National STEM Learning Centre. Their short, expertly designed courses will help you to get your primary and secondary students’ excited about science learning.

You’ll learn from experienced educators who have formulated and adapted their teaching methods to create careers-linked curriculums that engage, challenge and empower students who are studying the STEM subjects.

Whether you want to get started with CPD courses, take the next step in your teaching career to head of science or a head of department role, or you’re interested in inspiring the next generation of young people working in STEM, simply pick from these free online courses and start learning today.

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