Jobs of the future

Learning computer skills is crucial for pupils of all ages. As work increases moves online, and technology integrates itself into every aspect of our lives, knowing how to program gives students a great shot at career fulfilment in later life.

An entry-level programmer can expect to earn around $50,000, and jobs involving programming and IT are increasing exponentially around the world.

Beyond the career benefits, learning programming is a creative endeavour – a fun group activity that can spark the imagination of your students, whether they want to work with computers in the future or not.

Teaching matters

Teachers play a vital role in getting young people engaged in programming. We all know how an inclusive and inspiring classroom can drive kids to pursue topics they never thought they might like – and computing is no exception.

Some children might have preconceptions about the topic being ‘nerdy’ or ‘boring’, while others with special needs or disabilities might feel locked out of learning computing.

With the right training, teachers can overcome these educational hurdles and bring the subject to life both for students passionate about programming and those who think computing isn’t for them.

Future-proof your training

FutureLearn has teamed up with top academic institutions to bring you free online courses in how to teach computing. These short courses are jam-packed with the latest pedagogical thinking and technological developments to make your classes as inspiring and informative as possible.

Partners like the Raspberry Pi Foundation are thought-leaders in their field, providing courses on everything from the basic theories of teaching programming, to how to make your classes as inclusive to students with special educational needs and disabilities.

Even if you don’t have a background in computing yourself, there’s no reason why you can’t upskill your teaching career and transfer your existing skills as an educator over to programming.

Start learning now

At FutureLearn our courses are 100% online – meaning you can learn new training at your own pace, in your own time. You’ll learn from top educators, using practical examples (like making your own program) to explore programming from every angle, understanding why it is important to teach computing.

Our courses are designed to be social – so you’ll learn along with a worldwide cohort of fellow teachers all helping each other along. There’s never been a better time for students and educators to better their programming skills.

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