TEFL stands for Teach English as a Foreign Language and is a certification usually required to teach non-native English speakers English.

This varies, but some TEFL course providers may ask that you have passed relevant A-level exams or a degree level qualification. However, if you’re looking to teach English abroad you may not need any qualifications at all. Our TEFL courses can be taken by anyone and are designed to help further your career and give you the skills you need to enhance the quality of your teaching.

Our TEFL courses vary in length and can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks to complete.

Yes! All of our TEFL courses are taught online, giving you a great level of flexibility to study in your own time from wherever you like.

Here at FutureLearn, we offer a fantastic selection of TEFL and TESOL courses that are perfect for furthering your career and expanding your knowledge. Our courses are fully flexible and 100% online, meaning anyone from anywhere can benefit from taking a course with FutureLearn.

Further your career with online Teaching English / TEFL courses and read our career advice to find out the skills you need to develop a career in Teaching English / TEFL

Teach English

  • Median base salary UK

  • You'll usually need

    A degree and teaching qualification

TEFL Courses that make a difference

Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) or as a second language (TESOL) is a rewarding profession that can take you all around the world.

From those looking to learn English for the workplace to refugees and immigrants looking to settle into their new home, people from all walks of life are keen to build their speaking, writing and listening skills in English. As an English language teacher, you can work where it suits you - either abroad, online or in classrooms in your native country.

We offer online TEFL and TESOL courses to help you gain the skills and knowledge needed to teach English as a foreign language. You’ll explore the various needs of language learners, understand their motivations for learning English and learn how to organise your lessons effectively.

Using TEFL strategies, you’ll discover a range of resources to use as a teacher and find out how to help your learners realise their potential with inclusive teaching methods. Whether you’re already an English language teacher or looking to start a new fulfilling career, learn with flexible TEFL courses online.

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