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Want to learn how to start your own business? Or bring new ideas and energy to your current organisation? Develop key entrepreneurial skills with short online entrepreneurship courses from top universities and business schools.

What are the characteristics of an entrepreneur?

  • Resourcefulness

    Entrepreneurs spot opportunities to develop new products and markets. To do this, they monitor customers, competitors and technological trends.

  • Creativity

    Once an entrepreneur has spotted an opportunity, they seize it. They use innovative thinking to improve existing products and develop new ones.

  • Commerciality

    Entrepreneurs know how much it costs to produce something and how much customers will pay for it. They focus on finances, making their business processes as efficient as possible.

  • Leadership

    Entrepreneurs are passionate about their idea or business. And they inspire their teams too, through top-notch communication, management and leadership skills.

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What do people say about these entrepreneurship courses?

"It has been a great course and truly inspiring! The course gave us a series of new areas to think about. It gave us a new way to look at some of the areas in our business that we thought were all wrapped up but in reality, we had glossed over the subject matter. The material of this course was so easy to follow because of how relevant and interesting the readings and videos were. The learner comments and discussions made a great contribution, making the course easier and successful for me."

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