Become an HR Manager

A career in human resources management is focused around people skills – whether it’s recruiting and developing staff, overseeing strategy or managing the HR department. Start your HR career with short online human resources courses from top universities.

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What skills do you need to become an HR manager?

  • Policy

    An HR manager will need to have a strong understanding of human resources policy, and the legal issues around recruitment and staffing a company.

  • Organisation

    HR professionals keep track of vast amounts of personal information, including contracts, calendars and companies' personnel strategies.

  • Relationships

    Working in HR, you'll build relationships with people across all levels, and trusted to deal with personal information such as salaries and grievances.

  • Understanding

    Empathy and understanding are key as you’ll be working closely with people from a diverse range of backgrounds and with different needs.

What do people say about these HR courses?

"Step by step, I gained some knowledge and experience in intercultural communication. During the discussion sessions of some intercultural problems, I've found interesting posts with the information on how to communicate with other cultures and avoid misunderstandings."

"What a fabulous course and the topic is so relevant for today's workplace that is full of change and diversity. So much excellent advice to be found here! Thank you again to the providers and FutureLearn and fellow learners."

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