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Randal Oulton

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Understanding Food Supply Chains in a Time of Crisis

EIT Food and Queen's University Belfast

This online course explored how agri-food supply chains deal with crises and adapt to minimise disruption. The course covered topics including the challenges faced by food supply chain stakeholders, the contingency plans put in place in different EU countries and the consequences for consumers.

2 weeks, 3 hours per week

Maarten van der Kamp

Director of Education

EIT Food

Chris Eliott

Professor of Food Safety

Queen's University Belfast


Learning outcomes

  • Identify the stakeholders and reflect on the complexity of the food supply chains
  • Evaluate the consequences of a crisis on the integrity of the food supply chains
  • Reflect on your own personal contribution to the problem and explore how you could contribute to the solution.
  • Investigate how changes in the way we shop, cook and store food can help reduce food waste.
  • Explore the innovations that are helping stakeholders of the agri-food supply chains cope with increased demand
  • Engage with the policies of national governments and the EU and minimise the food supply chains disruptions
  • Explore the control measures in place to ensure the integrity of our food supply chains
  • Reflect on the challenges of bringing food to your plates during a crisis situation


  • Which stakeholders compose the food supply chains and which sectors are interlinked
  • What are the risks, vulnerabilities and threats to the food systems in crisis situations
  • How do food supply chain stakeholders cope with crisis situations
  • What role can the consumer play in order to minimise disruption
  • What measures does the industry, national governments and the EU put in place to ensure food reaches our plates
  • How can innovation and digitalisation in our food supply chains drive resilience

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Issued on 7th July 2020

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Understanding Food Supply Chains in a Time of Crisis

EIT Food