EIT Food

Wooden table covered with small dishes of food including, bread, cheese and vegetables. There is an EU logo in the corner of the picutre.


Food is essential. It gives us life. It gives us health, energy, vitality; it helps us to survive, to grow and to adapt. Food is everything. And so its future is precious.

Because the thing that unites seven billion of us can just as easily divide us. Food inequality is at an all-time high, the population continues to grow as resources continue to deplete, and all in the age of fake news and misinformation.

These problems need innovative solutions and creative minds to come up with them. That’s where you come in.

EIT Food are equipping learners all over Europe and beyond with the skills and knowledge they need to make a lasting impact on a rapidly evolving sector. You won’t just learn how to keep pace with it. You’ll have access to the latest research on the food you eat.

Through their flexible online courses, and with the support of a global network of learners, researchers, experts and entrepreneurs, you’ll be inspired by some of the brightest minds the sector has to offer. You’ll get the freedom to immerse yourself in groundbreaking research, constantly feeding your appetite for learning, all at the forefront of innovation.

The future they see is an industry that works better for everyone, for life. One that doesn’t just survive, but grows and adapts. If you share their vision for the future of food, start shaping it with EIT Food Education.


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