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Discover your roots

Get a window into the past

At a time when our imminent future is unknown and our day to day realities may be challenging, escape into the fascinating stories of those who came before you.

Our online history courses will take you from the trails of medieval Ireland to the hills of Catalonia as you discover ancient and traditional cultures around the world.

If you’re a curious researcher or you have a fascination with learning from the past, you can join the British Council’s course all about learning from history.

You’ll get an insight into the the British Council library archives and find out how these documents and scriptures influence the way we view our world and live our lives today.

Ever wondered about where your family came from or how the timeline of history has impacted your ancestors? Now could be a great time to step back and reflect on your family history.

Our extremely popular geneaology course is free to join and will support you in using the tools to research your family tree and share it with others in your family.

Our courses are 100% online and designed to be social – meaning you can discuss and comment on every step with learners from around the world. It’s the perfect way to stay connected with other people, and discover something new along the way.

Explore our online courses, and make quarantine boredom history.