Youth Football Coaching: Developing Creative Players

Learn how to develop creative youth football players with this free online course from the University of Birmingham and the FA.

  • Duration 3 weeks
  • Weekly study 3 hours
  • Certificate Available

Why join the course?

The ability to think creatively in sport is often noted by coaches as being highly desirable. Described as ‘flexible decision making in complex game situations’, football youth coaches often refer to creative players in terms of imagination, originality, productivity and problem solving skills. Yet, while coaches are tasked with creating environments that foster creativity, there remains some confusion about the term, its application to the game, and the role of the coach in coaching creativity.

This course will be the first of its kind in focusing on youth football coaches. Delivered through a collaborative partnership between the University of Birmingham and The Football Association (FA) it will help you become a confident developer of creative players and teams

Explore the role of the coach in developing creative youth football players

This course will help you understand your role as coach, the players you work with and the environment they operate in. It will develop your knowledge and skills giving you the ability to self-select or create the most appropriate pedagogies for young players’ needs.

Learn how to promote creativity in your team

On the course examine and evaluate the different types of practice that promote creativity in football. You’ll learn the value of creative players and learn how to apply creative-development practices to your coaching.

Try a new flexible, interactive type of CPD from experts in youth sport

This is the first online course about youth sport. It aligns with the growing focus on sport coaches as significant community assets and is delivered by an expert national governing body and course team in the field. The course will bridge unique gaps in policy, practice and research to design useful learning experience for youth coaches. You’ll learn in new interesting and interactive ways and explore how digital tools can help ongoing professional development.

What topics will you cover?

  • Identifying development needs of young players
  • Examining the coaches role in promoting creative behaviours
  • Considering how different practices encourage creativity
  • Challenges in building creative environments
  • Recognising contemporary developments in research and practice

What will you achieve?

By the end of the course, you'll be able to...

  • Identify key characteristics of a creative coach
  • Assess the diverse and individual learning needs of young players
  • Design effective learning experiences for young players
  • Evaluate the impact of your practice on players’ creative development
  • Discuss your practices and beliefs with other coaches to support your development as a creative coach
  • Develop strategies to support your learning and the on-going development of your practice beyond this MOOC

Who is the course for?

This course has been specially created for national and international youth football coaches.

Who will you learn with?

Buy a personalised, digital and printed certificate and transcript

You can buy a Certificate of Achievement for this course — a personalised certificate and transcript in both digital and printed formats, to prove what you’ve learnt. A Statement of Participation is also available for this course.