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"Some thoughts on the treatment of the alien populations in the east"

Who were those “alien populations in the east”? Poles, Jews, Ukrainians, Byelorussians and so on! People who lived in those areas for centuries, were considered “alien” due to Nazi racist ideology.

In his document Himmler presented a “racial screening process” for the best and brightest of the Slavic children, which would enable Nazi Germany to “fish out the racially valuable people from this mishmash, take them to Germany and assimilate them there”. The remaining population, deserved nothing from his point of view: “The non German population of the eastern territories must not receive any education higher than that of an elementary school with four forms. The objective of this elementary school must simply be to teach simple arithmetic up to 500 at the most, how to write one’s name and to teach them that it is God’s commandment to be obedient to the Germans and to be honest, hard working and well behaved. I consider it unnecessary to teach reading”. Himmler wished to condemn east European nations to slavery and ignorance, so they won’t be able to endanger their oppressors.

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