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Our database running at Portus
Our database running at Portus

Accessing related archaeological data

Increasingly archaeological information is being shared openly and for free online. As this course has been created whilst the latest season of work on the Portus Project is still ongoing we are only able to share a small amount of our own data.

Although we could provide access to raw data very often this makes little sense without the contextual information around it. There are certainly good arguments for (and examples of) sharing archaeological data as it is produced in order to encourage the online community to contribute, but given the volume of material we have accumulated we have chosen to release it in one go via the Archaeology Data Service. In due course our whole archive will be online and accessible.

Thankfully there are resources online already that will give you a flavour of the kinds of archaeological information we are describing. This article provides you with a list of relevant national and regional heritage resources worldwide that you can consult. Whilst these archives are unlikely to contain information directly relating to Portus, they will have examples of buildings, artefacts, data from specific techniques and so on that can provide you with a way in to further research.

We have produced this list in collaboration with our friends at the Archaeology Data Service, in particular Katie Green, and they have kindly also helped us to produce a guide to how to search their collections.

There is no need to look through this material in detail to complete the course - we provide it here so that you are aware of the kinds of information you as an archaeologist can access online.


We are looking to update this list and provide Portus-specific searches for the different databases in the future. If you would like to contribute ideas and more links please do via the comments below. For example, if you find something relating to a particular step then by all means add a comment on that page to indicate how you can find it on a given catalogue.


Online archaeological databases relevant to this course

Country Resources
UK Archaeology Data Service (Guide to searching)
Netherlands Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS)
America The Digital Archaeological Record (tDAR)
Romania Institute for Cultural Memory
Sweden Swedish national Heritage Board Riksantikvarieämbetet
Sweden Kringla
Italy – Pompei Pompei La Fortuna Visiva
Finland Arkistolaitos
Turkey Archaeological Settlements of Turkey
Greece Public Hellenic Museums
Europe Archives Portal Europe
Europe Europeana

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