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Professional SaaS certifications from FutureLearn in collaboration with AWS, Tableau, and Salesforce

Boost your career with four new microcredentials designed by FutureLearn in partnership with industry experts and upskill yourself in key Software as a Service (SaaS) areas.

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As the jobs market goes through an unprecedented period of change, training yourself to be able to work successfully in growing sectors is key to maintaining job security and career progression.

Cloud computing, customer success, data analytics, and financial analysis are four of the fastest-growing Software as a Service (SaaS) industries, and there’s a high demand for trained professionals to fill positions in these key areas.

We are proud to present four new, certified microcredentials created by FutureLearn, designed in partnership with business experts from Xero/AWS/Salesforce/Tableau to give you professional, accredited business training.

Our microcredentials have been created in close partnership with these leaders in industry, who will give you the training you need to upskill and make your CV stand out.

Moreover, these microcredentials have been accredited by Coventry University, so you can share your achievement with future employers knowing that they offer academic, as well as professional value.

With accredited training from experts in business, and a solid grounding in how to use the latest business intelligence tools, taking a microcredential could be the first step in a new career change adventure or an expansion of your existing skill set.

Click below to find out more about our four professional SaaS credentials, and enrol today to start the next chapter in your work journey.

Cloud Computing Professional with AWS

Get the skills you need to work in the fast-growing world of cloud computing and discover how cloud computing can create business value with this practical AWS course.

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Customer Experience and Success Management with Salesforce

Enhance your skills in customer experience (CX) strategy, and learn to implement customer success frameworks using Salesforce CRM technology.

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Data Analytics for Business with Tableau

Get professional quantitative data analytics training, learn to leverage intelligent platforms like Tableau to solve business problems with data, and fast track your career in a leading industry.

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Financial Analysis and Decision Making with Xero and Tableau

Get professional training in financial analysis and learn how to translate financial data insights into deliverable actions and make data-driven financial decisions.

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