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In this step you will learn about event marketing and how to use it effectively as part of a marketing campaign.

Events are commonly used to build relationships with customers from both a B2B and a B2C basis. For B2B, it can account for around one-fifth of many marketing budgets and is often classified as content marketing.

Conferences, forums or seminars can all be classified under events. Often used for new product launches, training, or industry get together.

Why should you use it?
It is a great way to engage with a large number of prospects and customers. There can be an assumption that people attending the event are interested and engaged in the topic.

An event enables human interaction and is therefore very powerful in building new and existing relationships. It generally massively outperforms any other channels in terms of engagement and interaction. What you get is quality engagement, but not the volume of interaction you can get with other channels.

Events play a key role in opening up communications with new prospects. After the event, you can then follow up with additional information, phone calls, and meetings.

When should you use it?
Often used for new product launches, training, or industry get-togethers. You generally want to have something big to say, whether it be a new product launch or some new research and insight. It needs to be worth the investment in time by you and the audience. If not, they won’t come back!

Things to consider:

  • An event should be well planned to ensure that you get maximum investment from the expenditure.
  • Plan it as you would do for a marketing campaign, including pre and post communications. Don’t forget to budget it well in advance.
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