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Responding to limited patient understanding

In this short video a doctor explains to his patient how he should manage his disease by taking different types of medication.
SPEAKER 1: So you should use two blue pills every morning, one red pill in the evening. And if you feel you have short breath, you can use the inhaler. But don’t use this more than once every day. OK? Do you understand?
SPEAKER 2: Um, yes.

In the previous steps we have explored patient responses and how these can be signals of limited understanding and limited health literacy. Now we will consider how healthcare professionals can respond to these signals.

Here you can read through the video text:

Doctor: So you should take two blue pills every morning and one red pill in the evening. If you feel you have short breath you can use the inhaler. But don’t do this more than once every day.
Patient: Okay.
Doctor: Do you understand?
Patient: Yes.
Doctor: ………………………………………………………………….

Is this patient showing understanding or demonstrating understanding? Please explain in the discussion section. Furthermore, think of at least three different ways the doctor could respond at the end of the conversation and explain which one you prefer and why. Discuss your ideas with other learners.

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Working with Patients with Limited Health Literacy

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