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9 new partners add to growth of FutureLearn’s world-class community of educators and courses launched courses from 9 new partners between 1st November – 31st January 2022, the second quarter of its financial year. An established global leader in the online learning space, FutureLearn now partners with over 260 universities, brands and government departments, to transform access to education through online, on-demand courses in a wide range of subjects. 

The new courses from these partners offer FutureLearn’s 18million+ global learner community the chance to upskill anywhere and any time, in subject areas such as mental health, sustainability, personal branding, psychology, literature, coding and more. 

There are over 1500 high quality short courses and ExpertTracks live on today, and new microcredentials now accepting learners for March. FutureLearn’s microcredentials allow learners to earn professional credentials. They can be used as an independent certification, and some offer academic credit to use towards a degree. New Open University microcredentials currently enrolling new learners include:

Yvonne Chien, Chief Growth Officer at FutureLearn, said:

“We love being able to connect our learners to the world’s best educators. I am so happy to welcome our newest partners to FutureLearn and to see learners already moving through their excellent debut courses. Looking ahead, our next quarter offers another strong upskilling portfolio to our learners, as many new microcredentials open up for learning.”  

Our new partners represent specialist organisations and universities in the UK, USA, Australia, and more, with debut courses including:


Subscription service to an in-depth series of courses; designed to empower learners with theoretical knowledge and practical skills in high demand professional subject areas


Chinese Plus

Contemporary Chinese I

Colin Lewis 

Fundamentals of eCommerce

Paul Dolan

Behavioural Science: Influencing Behaviour and Designing Decisions

Professor Jonathan A.J. Wilson

Personal Branding: How to Brand Yourself Professionally, Authentically, and with Passion

University of California, Irvine

Instructional Design for Higher Education


Short Courses

Complex topics turned into accessible and achievable online courses, across a wide variety of subjects


Missing Children Europe

Understanding and Responding to Runaway Children

Ralston College

Samuel Johnson’s Rasselas: An Introduction

The Skye High Foundation

Loss of a Baby in Multiple Pregnancy: Supporting Grieving Parents (created in collaboration with Newcastle University and The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust)

University of California, Irvine

Intermediate Python

USC, University of the Sunshine Coast

Life Below Water: Conservation, Current Issues, Possible Solutions

For more information about FutureLearn, or any of the courses or partners listed above, please visit or contact

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