Frank Kembery

Frank Kembery

I’m a business founder and owner of an individual brand that has become separate entities. My company’s a brand community organisation specialising in mixed media publishing via products and services.

Location Bath City



  • The validity of a trivial piglike tricks without violations.

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    Borders to my boundaries is interesting, as I also recommend that health, education and work are of discipline in culture and the technical that require the learned standard of continuing professional development especially for the sake of my portfolio plus memberships and subscriptions to the British Psychological Society, while I improve in my eLearning...

  • I have enjoyed engaging so far with the self directed methodology. Thanks. I’m just refreshing my mind for the sake of mindfulness and mindset. I look forward to experimenting with more participants that consent. I’m not sure if I can improve the preferred latter method, but I will continue to develop my independent practice professionally to consider adapting...

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  • I see that between experiences is only one condition while group differences are between varying conditions and within experiences, are of all conditions as group differences between conditions are compared by different conditions within the same group as between is compared by different conditions between groups for the performance results of the dependent...

  • In configuring critiques tears for fears of the tipping point, participation experiments in action and solidarity involving critical evaluation, transitory perspectives regarding within and between emerging participatory disruptions that wish to engage in identifying agencies of telltale indicators from time to time. The nature within the holistic discourse...

  • One could consider more days in the strategies of measuring two crosswords for reaction problems, as the extension for measuring failure to notice test results set in pitfalls for potential examples in recognition and attention when it comes down to the intelligence of perception and cognition may or may not be focused upon the characteristics in assessing...

  • Presupposition in discourse is of dependent changes and independent changes that are conditions and circumstances of cause-and-effect relationships in any activities of confounding variables, that influences the supposition of spurious associations as a confirmation of guilt in biases of careless motives, and in contrast to this the hindsight of this is of...

  • BODMAS, simple numerical rule of multiplication 2 4 6 or arithmetic.

  • I’m a firm believer in control and rejection as issues and or problems, and as variable behaviour changes in the likelihood of laws that are conditions of moral and or immoral influences in life the practical habits versus the impractical habits is what interests me in terms of perception and intelligence.

  • Habits.

  • I assume this method is a way to ascertain conclusive or inconclusive evidence, albeit medical evidence as well in determining the actual validity of events, information and system of reference or statements regarding dates and health issues or conditions.

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    Self employed detox therapist and independent practitioner wanting to become an advanced practitioner.

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  • Exercise and meditation.

  • The quiz was refreshing, and interesting.

  • Fire, and Silence are interesting relationships as topics in the activities of sleep plus controlling stress related dreams that are disruptive.

  • I already have the CPD certificate from the New Scientist website. I like this course here a lot as well.

  • Hi, I’m Frank. I have been a protocol detox therapist, acupuncturist, meditation, mindfulness, nutrition, fitness, and exercise since 2011. I am a FASS student in social sciences, and used to work in catering, and hospitality since age of 13 years old. I am 46 years old now, and have my own private limited company organisation. I want to become an advanced...

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  • I didn’t enjoy the test at the end, but liked the quizzes. Please check your spelling as the grammar is a little poor when practical words are misspelled.

  • The habitual is repetitive and developmental.

  • Mindfulness is of activities focused on practice to achieve the therapeutic purpose. If practice makes perfect then activities are likely to achieve skills in time. Therefore I think it is vouched safe to believe that there are some benefits to be had for some abilities that are capable of progressing in intelligent activities centred on music as learning...

  • Far transfer is an interesting term.

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  • I used to think that music and intelligence were a form of addictions that sought peace and enjoyment to extremes… now I think that this is a fact and I believe it but in the viewpoint of solutions, I have this has turned curiosity and resilience into something less of an extreme as I understand it better as flexibility within experience as a style…

  • Music in the brain makes me think about culture and words, what is in the music, and during the heart of the music and any challenge with what is happening in the music as elimination and innocence for the mediation of the influences of the music plus any inspiration, in taking things as a knowing in the brain of being that the music is causing motivation and...

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  • In thinking training affects memory development of the cognitive function so that abilities express themselves over time through practice as performing is a catalyst to reactivating muscles and timing that becomes improvements emotionally, a elevated mood and improved memory with better motor skills. The nature of such a tendency is the routine perfectionism...

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  • Music training is connected to intelligence through perceptions of audiovisual effects, long-term memory, attention, sociability, and working well with strangers as well as controlling your emotions. The contrastive aspect is the opposite that cannot concentrate to be any focalisation of flowing rhythm. This dissonance has no rhythm and cannot pay attention to...

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  • In thinking that relative exposure to a source of stimulating music reveals enlightening results that have noticeable insights reaching on the impressions of my beliefs expectations that music makes a difference on intelligence is fair.

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  • The Pharcyde, Passing me by, and REDMAN AND METHOD MAN, How high. I use music in my daily life and yes music affects how my everyday activities pan out. I associate with Hip-Hop & Rap music as I have done since 1985.

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  • It was a joyful, fast and cheerful sonata. 2. The prompt was relaxed, and made me want to answer the first question without folding and cutting any paper to solve the questions multiple choice answers. I gave into trying this after getting it wrong, and then found a few pieces of paper to fold and cut. 3. Both up and down.

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  • That is the overvalued worth, scandal of the absolute that is the cheat, misadjusted that is, as what virtues the critic is of that that is in the sacrilege to issue accusations of faults whatever outcome just happens in what is done to death as a result of decisions that are made. Experience is everything, and the wild and bold is among all of the mediocrity...

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    The deliberacy of the poet is the fairness of humorous honesty ousting the misrules of unfairness that misstated trauma. Although this poem is open to interpretation in the readers own words to reference the context of understanding the poems concept, meaning is of form and feeling encouraged to believe an immersive internalisation of external idealism that...

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    Learning doesn’t exist, no motivations to really care without being careless. There’s no escape from their own mistakes, habit attempts to brush aside the disavowed that fails, but failed. And, in brushing off disavowed there’s nothing of it that is, mistakes of something, mistakes of anything and mistakes of nothing, there’s no such other than the mistakes of...

  • Fickle and flippant vindication that is, and used like last time and as a means to introduce criticism, and so what follows is confirmation as that is is a clarification, and all that is is an interpretation, plus what is answered correctly that is as a correction that is and of something and anything that is relevant and proportionate to experience, already...

  • The difference between belonging and the imagery of that and symbolism of reformation versus what’s right or wrong and all that beyond the pale of the right thing to do because of that, as well as the nature and emergence of notion in success or failure is what is really superficial with discrimination and the environment like the complicated can’t of a trap...

  • The narrative of the dialogue doesn’t seem inexact as it conveys a sense of real talk like real life that’s natural. In musing on the inevitable course of what is seemingly real people in the circumstances of poetic fantasy dialogue, the voices of their situations growth won't stand down. In gratitude and dissent, the poetic story has been pulling the muse...

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    There’s a moral to it I think is about ignorance and I’m not to ignore how that’s important throughout every part of all the similes and metaphors like these ones, for instance, “Fresh on their mother twigs, Cherries worth getting; You cannot think what figs My teeth have met in, What melons icy-cold Piled on a dish of gold Too huge for me to hold”, a little...

  • The liminal semiotics of one too many considerable quatrains.

  • The storyline is poetic, but alludes at narrative reflecting on the experience of the dialogue for inand to explain the fantasy response of reactions and demands happening together. For elements of fiction that for the reader narrating is the poetic story they respond to critically with the perspectives of their perception on the fantasy experience taking place.

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    A use of phonological consonants, p and o in short words sounds for phoneme rhymes.

  • Eliciting a response via metrical stanza patterns of AABB and ABAB poetry is the liminal use of fantasy, in the second and fourth line stanzas. Rhyme schemes.

  • It was humouring.

  • Hans Christian Andersen and Charles Dickens.

  • The persuasive narrative of literature that accounts for a story in the language of its ordinary form of prose, which is different from poetry as poetry is structured in metrical verse that may or may not rhyme.

  • Hi, I’m a detox therapist that has my own adult learning arts therapy organisation and is studying to become an advanced practitioner.

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    Why stanza should be so difficult as it gets to be very technical like it is complicated with a plethora of possibilities for expressing feelings in different styles, and syllables alike, especially, alas by the devices aliases this also makes to overwhelm the shadowing purpose.

  • To understand a cause and the way in which the right decision is made against that of misunderstanding and or the making the wrong decisions for the speech orientation tensions of how it all sounds as happening or happened, as outcome just happens.

  • I chose William Blake as the cause is familiar in what comes from conditions because of being between a summer and a beautiful flower for the calm of both in a better place that shelters the sensitive stuff of feelings from effects. The rhythm is quatrain, anapaestic trimeter with some iambs and trochees to it.

  • The styles have linguistic effects and feelings of fear, peace, joy, and absence, while alluding at what may against what was for freedom. Like “Caged Bird, Frankenstein and Of Mice and Men.” The meaning of life and the philosophy of psychological morality. As a perspective on shame there’s also reflection on the human effects of embarrassment through the...

  • I chose…

    “That age is best which is the first,
    When youth and blood are warmer;
    But being spent, the worse, and worst
    Times still succeed the former.”

    Which is setting contractions in the dialogue of the meaning and form and begins as a middle of the road certainty that’s of what is an unsure means to the latter of time that befell the approach...

  • EMINEM, Lose Yourself uses iambic metre a little and Notorious B.I.G., Juicy, too. Like a Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan is a song using iambic metre.

  • Not much difference.

  • An image of the rapper EMINEM comes to mind for his mistakes that lead me to the facts of a dead zone for the wrong. And, drawing from nature is both the weak and the strong that wrongfully commit mistakes to be of the dead zone that’s also an image of the rapper EMINEM.

  • Youth is compared to the emergence of blossoming flowers for the discernment of beautiful thoughts and the temporality of subtlety’s time. The notion muses on the imagery and absence that can be stopped.

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    Yes, I agree. The pervasive root of tones and pitches conveying the inevitable consequences and sense of rhymes and or rhythms poetic sounds by metrical "feet" with two syllables that’s describing truth and journey in faith ultimately tested by fear of changes and how to prevent outcomes by seizing the opportunity to change changes is the underlying prosody of...

  • My thinking is saint valentine and miracles, love and martyrdom in the likes of the unconditional limits on self and obedience for when enouncing become liberty interesting assumed dignity that it includes both in its love in the perfectibility of a rose the wretched earth and any loses as the legacy of affections is like a fortune cookie story of romance and...

  • In a livelihood event for dwelling as love is a perception conveyed by the intelligence of an environment. Relating to changes like the life to plants. Noticing the title, but nothing descriptive comparisons that explain a garden of invariances via the living experience of object death in showing signs of what happens as an outcome of usually, and the emotion...

  • They are old and oxymoronic plus almost euphemistic as they can feature as figurative words in poetic language for spoken word speech orientation and can also be a form of hyperbole reference for types of words to express the effects of description.

  • In problems and what’s better is all that’s important to nature in time as the course of the future has its way with the present moment of things.

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    Done, but it wouldn't allow an apostrophe.

  • Certainly.

  • poetry is a way to get one thinking about the philosophy and psychology involved in giving definition to the intrinsic motivation and caring human activity of emotions.

  • Repetition is designed to aid the memory, and although it can still be vaguely disproportionate with irrelevance and also irrational the act of perception and intelligence that may need help from mnemonic assistances can be a good thing and a bad thing depending on the attitude of its use as a necessary means of learning and or communication. The skill in...

  • The sticky music of stressed words is a good point like "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" is a stressed word. In the provision of beats, monologues a soft word that ends up being harsh plus critical advice on sophisticated lyrics there's a qualitative spin on the style and its critique. I think it is confidence in writing that has a diverse plethora of...

  • I listened to it 3 times and read along inwardly the 3rd time word for word. I felt sickened and angry with the misstated trauma lack of care to be so motivated to die if necessary. If I was fighting in a war to defend my country and freedom I wouldn’t want to die. I would want to survive.

  • The sounds of words has always been extremely important to me. I was unable to speak properly as a 5 year old after my accident that nearly killed me. I ate through a straw for 2 months and was not able to talk properly for several months after plus a year later I was still struggling as a junior and had missed schooling. I turned down skin grafts and...

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    A poet is a person that writes and makes verse with the language of a stylistic conceit about life.

  • Art and emotions arouse thoughts and feelings as expression is of awareness also mindfulness of expression is too, but with some the attentiveness of perception can be a fragility that’s tender and easily distressed by emotional interferences because of trauma, and misstated trauma or at least the initial impact of interpreting expression in the sensitivity of...

  • Bon Jovi’s ballad song "Livin' on a Prayer", tells a story referred to as the Everyman tale about two lovers and their challenges in life together. The Edgar Allen Poe poetic ballad, “Bridal Ballad” is a good example of a bride's thoughts controlling her emotional regard for marriage as she muses on the awes nerve of respect in despair of mercy's vitally...

  • Is a concrete poem or calligram visually important? Well, the arranged amount of words in a stanza account for describing the conveyance of being in a state of transitioning. So, the shape and or pattern that emerges reveals an image of relevance proportionate to the subject matter of the poems topic. Yes, the style of the poetic theme is visually important...

  • I choose EMINEM as a modern pop song acting as “poetry” because the modern pop song rhymes rhythmically with poetic words, and phrases in verse. The modern pop song by EMINEM I have chosen is, “STAN” because it addresses the conflicts and humour of disinterest and disagreement through an emotional well of aggravation that causes the listener to be mindful of...

  • Yes, but no. I think of Shakespeare, Pope, Poe, Coleridge, Thomas, Milton, Blake, Dickinson, Frost, Keats, Tennyson, Browning, Wordsworth, Homer, Dante, Plath, Brontë, Kaur, Riding, ETC. Lewis Carroll and Hermann Hesse, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and Frank Kafka plus French poets, too. I like classics a lot and contemporary.

  • Formal participations at The Open University in arts, and undergraduate honours degree in social sciences with postponement and 2 diplomas philosophy and psychology which I deferred last year as well as accredited diplomas and CPD’s all within my UCAS Level 2 plus other college courses.

  • My idea of poetry is the conveyance of effects in meaning and form and the structure of its concept that constitutes a transition from one theme to another to reach a view of the scenes through words like synonyms for what’s of an equivalence in regards to the reflected phrases that may or may not be in rhymes and likewise with snippets of moreover what is in...

  • Hi, I’m Frank from Bath City, Somerset England. I write poetry and perform spoken word poetry. I have small following via social media networking and YouTube plus Spotify, Apple and Google. I also host and curate my own rss podcast plus create music, which I have done since the 80’s and through community internet radio stations. I am the director (PSC) and...

  • I purchased the Audible audiobook version, and watched the lone nut video in the comments.

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  • I’m thinking ahead with my UNLIMITED learning engagements for the rest of the year. I don’t need to apply to any organisation for job.

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    I’m just about finding the time to briefly check out a few videos on YouTube and look over the websites main page. I’m 46 years old this year and have my own business anyway. Although I am from Bath City, born and raised like my parents and my parents parents. It is difficult here in my hometown as a lot of working citizens and people that work in Bath, but...

  • The rules are a constantly emerging factor in trust, and contradictions as well as morale issues have and are consistent with the rules.

  • I am somewhat confident my CPD scope covers the whole range of professional skills, but I’m still inexperienced in having dedicated the past 10 years to working full time for anyone in regards to this.

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    I have previous work and training experience already as well accredited, formal participation plus CPD skills for working in social work with children and children's mental health, and I have also engaged in working with vulnerable adults for advocacy support work centered around detoxification therapy in the community and harm reduction plus policy reform...