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Karen Ellyn Dollaga

Karen Ellyn  Dollaga

Combining her passion for creative arts, cinema, theatre, stories, travel, teaching, children and adventure.

Location Dasmarinas, Cavite, Philippines



  • Hello! I am grateful and happy to be here.

  • Resilience starts from loving yourself and understanding your limitations and the power lies within you.

  • @DucLe Thank you so much.

  • What is your personal definition of resilience?

    Patient, humility, perseverance, independence and beliefs in the power of prayer.

    What strengths, skills, experiences, or values can you use to build resilience in your own life?

    Just follow God's plan for me.

    What is your key short -term goal (something to accomplish in the next three months) to...

  • My mentor taught me to be honest, sincere, and genuine. I have to learn how to trust myself first and God's amazing plan for me.

  • I have a brilliant mentor. He makes sure my patience doesn't run out. He also makes sure I see beauty beyond the physical aspect of this world.

  • As young as 3 years old. I know that I have a special mission to do. A mission to help people. God gifted me with a patient heart so I can teach children with special needs.

    I am truly grateful for all the blessings.

  • My resilience is a combination of patience, humility, perseverance, and faith with my God. I believe that my life experience builds my character while keeping my values. I know that I am not alone because God is with me all the time.

  • I am always a good sleeper. Sometimes I chat with my bf and ask him to sing me a lullaby. I like to listen to soft music. I can also through the noise.

  • It is viable if our internet works well. However, it is creative and something I would love to explore since I am teaching in high school.

  • English is one of the most challenging language to learn. It is written differently, speak differently, listen differently then you have your jargon, grammar, syntax, and everything from silent letters to double letters.

    But once learned, it is a beautiful language with so many stories to read, movies to watch, poems to share and love stories...

  • Our oral cavity plays a vital role in pronunciation. In speaking it is important to warm-up our vocal cords. Just like singing, we need a lot of practice

  • Bravo! You were able the share your brilliant ideas. I can see improvement as we continue with the lesson. However, I can hear unnecessary utterances throughout the video such as Ummm, Ahhh, and long pauses. We can work in reducing unnecessary utterances through practice and breathing exercises before speaking.

  • Finding errors during the conversation is a very good idea to improve listening skills as well.

    Just like in Toastmasters International, there are people who are assigned to things. Some are grammar checker, word of day checker, timer, some are speakers and some evaluators. Everybody learns the essence of communication skills.

  • Collaboration is very important. We must communicate to avoid misinformation. Learn to listen before we speak.

  • Try something exciting that they all like. Maybe they like pictures or movies or music. More of an ice breaker. Or a funny movie that they can talk about it.

  • For children we can change the situation. We are having a birthday party, they will share their ideas how to launch a party by exchanging their opinions. Let the fun begin!

  • I like the role play conversation idea.

  • I truly enjoyed learning with you guys.

  • 1. Pronunciation - not all children are capable of listening to English words. Some are confusing especially with the silent letters. I have to use a neutral accent so they will be able to understand

    2. Use simple words than difficult ones unless you taught them about those challenging words.

    3. Comprehension - as we know the English language varies from...

  • I can use Toastmasters International for an engaging conversation.

  • I want to share Southeast Asian Literature but the stories are quite long. I need short stories to dwell on.

  • The most challenging part is making sure your student will cheat on the essays. The authenticity of their work needs screening from their sources and other information.

    How do you make sure they handout papers that they themselves made it?

  • How do you teach World Literature to high school students who are lazy to read?

    I need something different and interesting.

  • There are problems that are quite challenging

    1. Unstable electricity
    2. No gadgets
    3. Financial problems
    4. No support from parents for the younger age
    5. Not interested in learning at all

  • I wish we could do a virtual literature tour.
    If we are discussing African Literature, I wish we could go beyond books and videos.

  • I like coursebooks. Something to navigate with my hands and flip through pages.

  • I can give this a try. Happy to use these tools.

  • I like to create flexibility when it comes to my teaching and learning. I like Zoom and WebRoom.

  • I offered free online lessons to some kids who are living in Palawa, Cavite, and Bulacan. Most of my students use 1 gadget for 5 kids.

    Online problems will be:

    1. Slow internet connection
    2. Parents are not financially well to pay for the data
    3. Unstable electricity
    4. Mixed-age groups from toddler to high school in one session

  • I have a question.

    I am teaching in English and African and Southeast Asian Literature for high school. How can I make it lively and interesting in the online platform?

  • All platforms are quite remarkable when it comes to technology. I would love to be flexible because my learners vary from different backgrounds and lifestyles.

    Some of them may not have internet access. Let us keep it simple and motivated. Keep smiling!

  • @MamuraSharipova Hi there! You have a wonderful place. Keep in touch.

  • @JellyJoyRuba Hi! So good to hear from you. How are you?

  • Very informative.

  • Learning should be fun, helpful, creative, and diverse. Teaching online is another adventure I would like to learn. English is both the language and the literature.

  • I will be teaching high school students about 200 students in a day.
    Each class has 50 students on average. I will be handling 4 classes.

  • I want to learn a few things;

    1. How to set-up my online classroom?
    2. What materials do I need?
    3. How to set my workplace for the online setting?
    4. What are the different apps that can help me along the way?
    5. How can we apply inclusion in the online setting?

  • Hello! How are you?

    My name is Karen. I live in Cavite, Philippines. I teach the subject of English in high school. My teaching experience is too broad and I need your help to narrow it down into bite-size ideas.

  • Anyonghaseyo!

  • Anyoung!

    I am Karen. I love to watch Korean dramas, learning the language will help me understand more. I am also teaching East Asian Literature of China, Japan, and Korea to my students.

    Thank you.

  • @AbdelHamid What kind of genre do you prefer?

  • Hi, my name is Karen. I am an English Teacher from the Philippines. We are currently studying East Asian Literature of Korea, China, and Japan.

  • I woke up at 4 in the morning. Browsed to my phone for some weather updates because it was raining hard since last night. I went down to grab some breakfast. Luckily, there are some leftovers. After breakfast, I went to my study and review the lessons that I have to teach my students the next day. We are currently discussing East Asian Literature of Korea,...

  • Time check
    5:10 p.m.

  • Sunday

  • He baked me a chocolate birthday cake.
    He did not bake me a chocolate birthday cake.
    Did he bake me a chocolate birthday cake?

  • Marko built a sandcastle last summer.
    The boat sank into the Atlantic Ocean.
    She was my best friend.

  • Did you listen to what I said?
    Did you remember my birthday?
    Did you go home last month?

  • I ate my chips last night.
    I watched Criminal Minds.
    It rained yesterday.

    I didn't eat my chips.
    I didn't watch Criminal Minds.
    It didn't rain yesterday.

  • Cool!

  • It was raining all weekend here! Curled up with a good movie and some chips.

  • Hello, my name is Karen. I am from the Philippine. I live in the Southern Luzon called Cavite. In my freetime I love to watch movies, eat ice cream and go places.

  • My name is Karen, an English Teacher from the Philippines.

  • Hi! My name is Karen. I am an English Teacher from the Philippines.

  • Kharlyn Topstore and Travel Company

    PROPOSITION: Convenience and opportunity that will help you with personal and business solutions.

    PEOPLE: My super friend Jlyn and I. It is a partnership.

    PLACE: San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan and we can bring and operate our business wherever we go as long as we have internet, smartphone or laptop.

    PROCESS: We have...

  • Kharlyn Topstore & Travel Company is a franchise business that provides convenience and business opportunity in one platform.

    The local community will be able to pay their bills, transfer money, load their mobile and book airline tickets for local and international flights, plus a franchising business for those who aspire to be an entrepreneur.


  • Hi, my name is Karen. I just started a simple business. I need more ideas on how to structure my business, operation and how to market and advertise it.

    My business is a franchise of payment center, money transfer, mobile loading and airline ticketing. I have 4 businesses in 1 platform.

  • There's magic in his fairytales. It is simple and eloquent.

  • Let the magic begin!

  • "Once upon a time" it is the most famous of all

  • I love how to stories evolve for centuries.

  • @LauraGerday Certainly

  • @ValeriyGorlov It is already created but there will be modification depending on my learners' knowledge and understanding.

  • @JasminSommervelle There were the first 2 characters that I came up with the inspiration of Hans Fairytales.

    I wish it could be a story.

  • @SheilaMcGettrick The Nazi's goal was to kill all in the name of their ideology. They failed to do that.

    Despite the great horrors of the Holocaust, the Jews survived, they came back to Israel and now they are stronger.

  • @MarkSimons Yes, I do. Unfortunately, I was not able to meet Jewish people here. But I have communication with few friends outside the country. But my thoughts and heart go beyond borders.

  • @MarkSimons I am not worried because I know Jews will surpass everything. They are strong.

  • They are becoming active.

  • Life is truly a gamble. Your life depends on the other people's decision.

  • Do you have to join the party?

    Nah! It is too political!

    People are dying. Quit the party and start helping.

  • What has happened to antisemitism since the end of the Holocaust? How is it expressed today and where can it be found?

    Antisemitism is real and it is happening in my neighborhood.

    Holocaust taught us the horrors of our hatred. However, it also taught me hope, love, and humility. Holocaust taught me to stand up and fight for those who bully. It was a...

  • I learned something today that one day I will be able to share with my future students.

  • Antisemitism is never gone. There are individuals who have a personal hatred.

    But we can teach our children about love and respect.
    Choose good over evil at all times.

  • How I wish we could all escape the nightmare. But every time you close your eyes it was just yesterday.

  • How was it humanly possible? How could Germans, and many other individuals all over Europe, take part in this murderous journey against civilians, against children?

    I am sorry but they are not humans. They are savages. You cannot compare them to animals either because animals are much more respectful than them.

    Humans that I know will never believe in...

  • When people are disgusted about the Jews, then it will be easier to remove them from the system.

    They want a slow death to give a strong message that they are superior. However, it only shows they are envious and coward.

  • Germany cannot kill the Jews alone. He needs the help of other countries who have strong hatred from the Jews. But, they underestimated that there are other countries who love Jews. No one was brave enough to face Hitler and tell him off.

    It is a painful way to learn from our History. No amount of human justice will never be equal to what happened there....

  • Those who allied with Germany should be punished too.

  • @TeresaHolmes Thank you

  • @LauraGerday Hi! I am going to teach in the public school here in the Philippines, in the High School.

    The English that I used in teaching is based on the books and year level.

    When I taught in the private school the last 2014-2015 these are my coverage because I taught from Grade 4 to High School.

    We follow American English. I teach them British...

  • How to teach the English Subject?
    The grammar is more complicated than literature because it is technical, especially when you are teaching high school.

  • homework! love to read them!

  • My subject is English (Grammar and Literature High School)
    Based on Philippine Curriculum Afro-Asian Literature, English Lit, World Lit, American Lit.
    Grammar: Nouns...verbs, the figure of speech, idioms, etc.

  • Yes, very much, because I have to teach English subject as a major subject. EMI works for me.

  • Mastering of Functional English.

  • My students have very high expectations of their teachers. When you are the English Teacher, you are not allowed to commit mistakes.

    Accuracy is very important because that is the basic language skills that they need.

    Wrong spelling is wrong. If you don't know the spelling, you can use the dictionary to help you.

    Following of instruction is very...

  • The reason why we are studying English is to let our listeners or receiver know that we understood their message. Basically, it is about communication.

    If Juancho speaks Spanish and Lily speaks Japanese then we have a communication gap. To break the ice, both will try to speak in English to convey their messages. Eventually, they will try to learn each...

  • @RosalindShare We are all different no matter where you are. We are made to be different. We have to respect those differences. There are bad and good Christians as well. Bad and good has nothing to do with your race, it is your personality as a person.

    Nobody should be judged based on her religion, gender or race.

  • @JohnCartwright Not a single drop. There is no such thing as Ideal race. But there is something about Chosen People and that is the Jews.

  • @AliceT and the worst thing, people believed.

  • @Marie-ElisabethSmith In fairytales, you are free to imagine anything. From the chocolate river to graham cracker stars. You can go places and fly on the magic carpet.

  • We have to put our guards down.
    If we always shield a child, we are depriving them the sanctity of life.
    The inclusive education we go!

  • That is impressive!

  • Our Mother Earth is badly wounded. Her head is spinning from all the pollution. Her heart is pierced because we blasted our mountains and turn it into buildings. She is vomiting blood because we sprayed poison and deadly chemicals into our food. She doesn't stop crying because she needs your help instead you killed the forest. Where will the animals go? What...

  • Forest in the Philippines is being protected although it is also at risk to some private and illegal companies who are dying to dig the gold under.

  • Under the Earth Law, we are responsible for all non-living and living things great and small.

    If we do well, our world will flourish and enjoy the bountifulness of the harvest.
    If we ruin it, our world will turn gray and we will all die of hunger and thirst.

  • Forest should be preserved because of their natural source of food, water and home for humans, animals, and plants.

    Stop making golf course that is not very important. Stop converting our forest into buildings. Rather we should develop parks, wildlife and nature reserves.

  • Is it possible to turn the snow into a drinking water?