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Georgina Owen

Georgina Owen

I love opera, ballet, the theatre, reading the classics and fashion. I enjoy learning new skills and subjects.

Location Sheffield



  • I really enjoyed this exercise, I have always wanted to write and have thought about it but I have never actually started so it felt good to start typing

  • I wandered through the woods, sunshine broke through the trees while families with children explored the Autumnal colourful scene. I went deeper and deeper until the sunlight was blocked by the trees and all sounds stopped. I was alone but I didn't feel lonely or scared, only curious with a strange desire to continue, as if my feet already knew the way

  • I love keeping a diary and want to start writing, I will start journaling

  • I think it can be taught but it depends on the techniques and the teacher, I look forward to studying creative writing

  • Really interesting article, we need to learn from the past so history is not repeated

  • Really interesting, I am going to study creative writing in my English Literature degree and cannot wait

  • Thank you so much for this amazing course

  • I love to keep a diary and write down how I am thinking and feeling, It really helps me to relax and understand and to remember what happened

  • This is a fantastic course, I have always wanted to be a writer

  • I love designers, especially haute couture and accessories such as jewellery and hand bags

  • Hello I am Georgina from Sheffield, UK. I am very interested in this course and hope to learn alot, especially about design. I love fashion illustration and would love a career in this subject

  • We do not need fur, fair fur is amazing and cruelty free

  • We can all make a difference, I love fashion and caring for the planet

  • fashion is about the future and making change for the better

  • I love this statement, be compassionate and brave

  • Zero waste is desperately needed to stop waste and land fill, we need to care for our planet for a better future for all

  • I found the recent Covid pandemic was inspirational for fashion and I started making and designing face masks, fashion is a reaction to current events

  • I love visiting museums and art galleries, so inspiring but I need to improve my drawing skills , I love finding inspiration in different places

  • I love visiting museums such as the V and A and watching films and television programmes, mainly period dramas as I very inspired by history

  • Hi everyone, I love fashion design and want to work in illustration and improve my portfolio on this course, I am from Sheffield and have studied clothing design for 2 years in Manchester

  • useful advice thanks

  • great links thanks

  • microsoft teams

  • I always thought movies was American and films were English ? reading and understanding films is essential to fully enjoy and get everything out of the experience, I love going to the cinema. total escape from reality

  • I am studying English Literature and want to learn all about films and film adaptions of books

  • this looks to be a very useful week

  • collaberation and soft skills were key this week, great week

  • I find digital books very different from physical, digital are lighter but I much prefer physical books with more of a connection and ability to turn the page and feel the book