Become a Marketing Manager

As a marketing manager, you’ll get to oversee both marketing campaigns and the department itself, creating and delivering campaigns to budget and in-line with company goals. Start your training with digital marketing courses from top universities.

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What skills do you need to become a marketing manager?

  • Communication

    Strong communication training and skills are vital, as well as a knowledge of how to best use each marketing channel—whether it’s online or offline advertising, email or social media.

  • Strategy

    As a marketing manager, you won’t just look after the marketing team, but manage communications strategy too. You’ll need to coordinate with a variety of stakeholders, from PRs to account managers.

  • Leadership

    Marketing managers will be required to plan marketing campaigns, from budget to delivery, analysing the results and reporting them back to the rest of the company.

  • Creativity

    A strong imagination is key when it comes to persuasive marketing content. A marketing professional works closely with creatives including designers, content makers and events coordinators.

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What do people say about these marketing and communication management courses?

"Thoroughly enjoyed this MOOC, which has given me a glimpse into the ever growing world of Digital Marketing. Will expand on what I have garnered and make use of some of the very helpful "take away" tips on narration and the future of DM."

"Thank you for this course. I sincerely learned a lot of key presentation tools. I also really enjoyed all the feedback. A really great group of peers. Thanks again!"

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