Grow Your Digital Skills with Accenture

Whether you’re looking for a new job or want to start your own business, digital skills are the key to success. From mechanics to 3D modelling, plumbing to programming, get the digital skills you need with these specially designed courses from Accenture.

Discover free digital skills courses for all levels

  • Learn more about digital applications in life and work

    The Digital Skills for Work and Life course is a good place to start. It will introduce you to what digital means, how it’s changing the way we live and work, and how you can learn the skills and gain the confidence needed in the increasingly digital workplace.

  • Learn the basics of digital

    Brush up on digital basics with courses like Social Media or Digital Marketing. These courses will help you learn about digital tools, as well as important concepts such as Search Engine Optimisation.

  • Learn more about advanced digital concepts

    If you already have some digital know-how then try one of the more advanced courses like User Experience, Mobile or Analytics. These courses will help you develop new, more advanced digital skills.

  • Learn how to apply digital skills

    Digital has made a difference to almost every industry in the modern world. If you want to understand what artificial intelligence is and how it is being used in a number of industries, you can explore the Artificial Intelligence course.

What does a jewellery entrepreneur say about Accenture Digital Skills courses?

What do other learners say?

"It was great to have access to free courses; especially social media which is very relevant nowadays. The courses helped me develop a better understanding of social media."

"I enjoyed taking this course a lot because it was very informative and well structured. I was able to learn a lot about the basics of digital and the courses were very interactive. I particularly enjoyed doing the quizzes as it fostered my learning further."

Why learn with FutureLearn and Accenture?

Learn flexibly online

Develop valuable digital skills with short, online digital courses. Start learning for free, on desktop, tablet or mobile.

Get access to social learning

Share and discuss what you learn with people from all over the world thanks to discussion steps throughout the courses.

Meet digital experts

Grow your skills and knowledge by learning from digital experts across different industries.

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