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What would you do?

Now that we are coming to the end of the course, we’d like you to think about all of the challenges and case studies you have been presented with.

Consider a fictional country “Sustainia”.

Statistical infographic for Sustainia

Sustainia has many problems which we can see in some of the current SDG indicators. We have also included some data from real countries as a way for you to give some context to each statistic.

Sustainable Development Goal Current statistics for Sustainia
3.1.1 Maternal mortality ratio by 100,000 live births (Colombia 64/100,000) 1,160/100,000
3.3.3 Malaria incidence per 1,000 population (Rwanda 301 / 100,000) 500/1,000
3.C.1 Health worker density and distribution (France 138/10,000) 4/10,000
6.1.1 Proportion of population using safely managed drinking water services (USA 91.1%) 52%
6.2.1 Proportion of population using safely managed sanitation services, including a hand-washing facility with soap and water (Pakistan 50-65%) 40%
11.1.1 Proportion of urban population living in slums, informal settlements or inadequate housing (USA 1.9%) 20%
5.5.1 Proportion of seats held by women in national parliaments and local governments (World average 23%) 5%
16.1.1 Number of victims of intentional homicide per 100,000 population, by sex and age (USA 4.9) 6.4 / 100,000
16.2.3 - Proportion of young women and men aged 18‑29 years who experienced sexual violence by age 18 (Latin America 3.12) 5.2

In the comments section below:

  • Of all in this list, which SDG would you prioritize? Why?
  • Does that SDG relate to any of the other SDGs? If so, in what way?
  • List three challenges you would face in achieving this goal

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