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Response to COVID-19 in Taiwan

Response to COVID-19 in Taiwan Big Data Analytics, New Technology, and Proactive Testing Please take some time to read this essay.

In this article, you will be able to see the approaches Taiwan responses to this epidemic prevention. Taiwan uses the national health insurance database and integrated it with the immigration and customs database to begin the creation of big data for analytics. This database generated real-time alerts. It can track travel history and clinical symptoms to discern the possible COVID-19 victim. Does your country also use big data for disease prevention? How do you feel about Taiwan’s governments response?

Taiwan government also host Press conference everyday to report the situation to the public and use social media, Youtube, Line, news channel to emphasize the importance of sanitary and prevention method of COVID-19 to educate the public. Do you agree that these method are good method?

Please share with us how is your nation’s policy of prevention so far. What is your nation’s coronavirus cases so far? Do you find out any difficulty in your daily life due to the COVID-19? Also, at this hardship moment, please be aware to respect others while you comments. We do not wish to have conflicts with each other.

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