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What do you need to know?

There are lots of different groups and organisations that can help you to achieve your goal of getting to university (and ones to support you when you are there).

In this step we’ll look at some of the organisations and places where you can find information. Of course everyone’s situation is different, so not everything will be relevant. Read the descriptions and think about the organisations that can help you.

  1. UCAS
    UCAS is an independent charity providing information, advice, and admissions services to inspire and facilitate educational progression. All students, including international students, apply through UCAS. There is lots of information on UCAS to help you research different universities and to help you through your application. Make sure you use this site to help you understand how to apply and to get information on what to include.

  2. Article 26
    Article 26 is a project of the Helena Kennedy Foundation. The main aim of Article 26 is to promote access to Higher Education for people who have fled persecution and sought asylum in the UK. Go to their website to find out about opportunities for going to university and resources to help you.
  3. STAR
    STAR is the national charity of students welcoming refugees to the UK! STAR also has a list of lots of scholarships and bursaries you can apply for.
  4. Kiron
    An online course provider which aims to give refugees around the world access to a univeristy education and additional related options.
  5. Coram
    A charity that specialises in legal advice for children across a range of areas, including accessing Higher Education
  6. The Student Room
    A community of over 1 million students with useful guides on applying to university and forums to ask questions.

Task: share your knowledge. What other organisations have helped you? What other information do you need to find? Put your questions in the comments and we’ll look for organisations that can help you.

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