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Let’s meet each other

An important objective of this course is to explore your success and what it means to you.

This is hard to do on your own. Being able to connect with others and share your aspirations and plans for the future helps you to advance in your career pathway.

Research has shown that that professional networking has “become a critical skill for leaders” (Pearce, 2007, p.357). However, a lot of us feel uncomfortable sharing our thoughts. This exercise allows you to practice this important skill and develop meaningful professional connections.

Share your story

To share your story, you’re invited to add a note about where you are from along with your career aspirations using this digital map1 (see this guide for help getting started).

Your voluntary participation in using this tool is based on a learning activity designed to promote a more interactive online experience that will not only enrich your learning, but also those of other learners.

Completing this activity will also help us to collaboratively grow our collective knowledge about the challenges and responses to key professional skills and capabilities from a diverse spectrum of perspectives.

Please also note that for privacy reasons, only mention a city or a region you are located in; not your actual residential or business address.

Your task

When you’re done, explore the map and use the comments to discuss with fellow learners one to three pins that caught your attention and the reasons why. For example:

  • Why did these pins catch your attention?
  • Can you relate to the situations described in these entries? Why or why not?
  • What have you learnt from this exercise?

  1. By selecting this link you will be going to a third party website. 

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