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Binoculars to signify the reflective journey
A skills audit can be part of the reflective journey.

Your skills-audit journey

Now that you have finished your skills audit, we can consider and reflect on the process.

You may have identified new skills that you would like to develop or existing skills you would like to strengthen. You may find you are fairly content with your skill matching for the career you have chosen. You may have found a new career path you may like to pursue.

Your task

Please consider sharing your skills audit in the comments section or you can use Padlet so others can learn from your example and also provide you with feedback. Take a screenshot with your phone and post it to Padlet. Exchange tips around how to develop and strengthen different skills. For example if your score was low on teamwork, others may be able to give you pointers on how to improve your teamwork skills. You might find this guide on how to use Padlet useful.

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