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Being out of work for so long can be very frustrating and disheartening. I attended 26 interviews with no success and could not understand why. I found the Job Centre’s application and interview advice dated and it did not seem to help me. The FutureLearn courses were very impressive, well put together and from reputable universities with up to date tips and latest trends. I attended 3 interviews after completing the courses and they went a lot better than the previous ones

Learner on How to Succeed at Writing Applications and How to Succeed at Interviews

Having completed the Learning In The Network Age course I have to say how impressed I was by the support and engagement of the course tutors and mentors who embraced the concept of a shared learning platform, and challenged and inspired students. The discussions amongst students was regularly enhanced and developed by the engagement of tutors and mentors who added insight and detail to conversations, often bringing new ideas and concepts beyond those already explored. Even if you have done a course before with FutureLearn and struggled, despite the name of the course, I am sure students will find this course a refreshing change and a highly enjoyable experience. I look forward to the next running of the course to refresh and renew my ideas and challenges around developing my personal learning networks.

Learner on Learning in the Network Age