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Creative space design

There are so many wonderful places around the world, where children can be physically active.

A number of Governments and Organisations are putting things in place to encourage children to be active - new bike paths, walkable neighbourhoods, playgrounds, a circular preschool without walls, piano stairs and a play pump.

piano painted staircase (Click to expand)

play pump (Click to expand)

children riding bikes (Click to expand)

children climbing on play equipment in playground (Click to expand)

boy playing with a water pump (Click to expand)

children playing with water fountain (Click to expand)

children playing at a park in the city (Click to expand)

A new kind of kindergarten

In this TEDx Kyoto talk we see how architect Takaharu Tezuka created imaginative and versatile spaces at a school in Tokyo that encourage young children to be active.

Conversation starter

  • What do you think about Takaharu’s design and its impact on children’s activity levels?
  • What aspects of the design do you think you could try and imitate at home?

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