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Words about the time

The expression of the time


  • 1小时(yìxiǎoshí)(1 hour)=60分钟(liùshí fēnzhōng)(60 min)

  • 7:55 we can say 七点(qīdiǎn)五十五分(wǔshíwǔfēn) or 差(chà)五分(wǔfēn)八点(bādiǎn)(5 minutes to eight o’clock)

  • 7:45 we can say 七点(qīdiǎn)四十五分(sìshíwǔfēn) or 差(chà)一刻(yíkè)八点(bādiǎn)(a quarter to eight o’clock)

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