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Thinking of Others

“One of the essential qualities of the clinician is interest in humanity: the secret of the care of the patient is in caring for the patient.”

Francis W. Peabody, Harvard Medical School 1925

Patient care is more than just healing - it’s building a connection that encompasses mind, body and soul.

If you could stand in someone else’s shoes, hear what they hear, see what they see, feel what they feel… Would you treat them differently?

Toby Cosgrove, MD, Senior Advisor and Former CEO & President shared this video, titled “Empathy,” with the Cleveland Clinic staff during his 2012 State of the Clinic address on 27 February 2013.

This is an additional video, hosted on YouTube.

You can view the video in full-screen mode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/cDDWvj_q-o8

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