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Recovering the Memory of Ourselves for the Sustainable Cites

Tourism, Migration, Heritage, Culture, Inclusion: Recovering the Memory of Ourselves for the Sustainable Cities and the Society of the XXI Century

Paolo Salonia


Contemporary cities, metropolitan areas represent the place, metaphorically and physically, in which it develops complex phenomena. Of the plurality of these, in this paper I want to weld those that densify the city centers, object of “cultural” tourist aggression, but really of the type hit-and-run, and suburbs, often structurally inadequate to seat social and racial tensions, more and more characterized by a dangerously contagious endogenous criminality, infiltrating on the growing population of permanently excluded and not integrated migrants, compared to an endemic inability to vision and inclusive political strategies on the part of a responsible governance.

We analyze the two phenomena, in their emerging manifestations reinterpreted in light of the official statements promulgated at level of UNESCO, European Community and of other International Bodies. On the one hand, the historic centres and the “good lounges” of the cities suffering the “cultural” onslaught of a mass tourism that moves continuously on routes of sky, land and sea strongly infrastructured and expertly managed by business lobbies.

On the other side, other masses are pressing over the peripheries and at the frontiers trying to conquer minimum life perspectives uninterruptedly walking routes of land and sea in complete risk of their lives, victims of crime that manages their desperate journeys. The main aim of this article was to help to understand how the “cultural” tourism and migration at the same time are the cause of urban decline, but they can also become the potential engine of a new sustainable urban regeneration. If cities are adapting to change in accordance with the identity diversity, it is critical to develop a deep reflection that sees involved, with availability to dialogue, communities, planners, geographers, sociologists, architects, philosophers, with the common goal of designing new models belonging to the progressive unavoidable evolution of the historical scenario.

Keywords: Tourism Migration Heritage Culture Sustainability.

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  1. What’s the relationship between tourism and culture heritage?
  2. Will the tourism immigration change local social structure?

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